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Getting Started


This documentation is in progress.

The Affiliate App helps you build, organize, maintain, and track your affiliate links.

First Steps

First you tell us what affiliate partnerships you have by entering in certain credentials, like API keys, on the settings page. (We encrypt this data and store it securely.) We need these credentials for access to the APIs of your affiliate programs so we can help you build tracking links and fetch reporting data.

Our app uses custom 307 redirect affiliate links (see the Affiliate Links section). By default, these URLs look something like However, if you would prefer these affiliate links to be on your own domain as a subdomain -- i.e., -- see the Custom Subdomain section.

Once you have things set up, you can start using the app!

Using the App (An Overview)

We organize your links into a hierarchy:

  • You create a product. This is any affiliate content you want to promote.
  • You add offer links for that product. See Adding Offers.
  • You paste the Organic link for that product into your content.

What happens after that?

Our SDK tracks impressions, viewed impressions, and clicks (along with derived metrics like CTR) for every offer link on every product. It also builds the offer links so that the Organic backend can extract conversion and revenue data from your active affiliate programs. Putting the two together means that you get access to fine-grained data on how all of your pages, products, and specific product links are performing. For details on how this works, see the Affiliate SDK section.

In the background, we are automatically checking up on your links and gathering data (like offer price and stock data, which can appear in widgets -- see below). If at any point one of the offer links for your product breaks, it's ok! The Organic link will ignore that offer and route the user to offer links that are still working; on the product details page, you'll see an indication that the particular link is currently broken. (We also route the user away from out-of-stock offers by default. Just let us know if that isn't behavior you want.)

Now let's say you want to edit the links to your product: you no longer want to link to Merchant X, for example, or you want to link only to Merchant Y. Since you are using the same Organic link across your pages, we can track its usage, so in the app you can see on which pages your product and its offers are appearing. Moreover, rather than finding and replacing every link for that product across these pages, you can update the product and all the Organic links will automatically update, too.

In addition to text links, we also have customizable widgets you can use in your content. Everything works the same way, it's just wrapped up in a nice user-facing display. For more information, see the Widgets section.

Of course, you have not one but a whole host of products to promote, and in the app you are able to view, tag, and search for them, all organized neatly in one place with granular reporting data at your fingertips.