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Organic Links


This documentation is in progress.

An Organic affiliate link looks like, or, if linking to a specific offer, The first link will route the user to the "best" offer destination for the product (see below).

In general, the link will respond with a temporary redirect:

HTTP/1.1 307 Temporary Redirect
Location: <an offer destination URL>
X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow

However, when the SDK is running on a page, it will replace the Organic links with the best offer destination links. (See the Affiliate SDK section for more information.)

What constitutes the "best" offer destination for a product?

The best offer for a product is the highest-priority offer (based on merchant priorities you specify on the settings page) that is enabled, working (i.e., not dead), and in stock. If no monetized (= tracked) links are working for the product -- e.g., if something is temporarily wrong with your affiliate network account -- then we choose the highest-priority, enabled offer that has a working unmonetized URL; you won't earn a commission in this case, but it will at least prevent the user from clicking on a broken link. If no enabled offer links are working for the product at all, then the Organic product link itself will 404. The link will never route to the destination of a disabled offer.

You are free to add whatever offer URLs that you want to your products! While you should typically be using monetized links, there are certain cases in which an unmonetized link might be appropriate. For instance, if you are using a service like Skimlinks, which monetizes links for merchants with whom you are not directly affiliated, then it makes sense to use an unmonetized link that Skimlinks will replace. (Note, however, that this will only work if our SDK is running on your page and replacing your Organic links with destination links since Skimlinks won't recognize the Organic links.)