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Adding Offers


This documentation is in progress.

What is an "offer" in this context?

You can typically just think of an offer as a link. However, more formally, in our setup, an "offer" is data related to a product destination URL:

  • The unmonetized (= untracked) destination URL (i.e., some merchant's product page).
  • The monetized (= tracked) destination URL. (We can usually automatically generate this from the above, or you can enter it directly.)
  • Whether the offer is enabled. (You can toggle this option on the product details page.)
  • Whether the monetized destination URL is working or not. (We automatically monitor this.)
  • Whether the unmonetized destination URL is working or not. (We automatically monitor this.)
  • Whether the product is in stock or not at the destination URL. (We automatically monitor this.)
  • The offer price. (We automatically monitor this.)
  • Etc.

You can -- and should -- add multiple offers for every product. The more offers a product has, the better our Organic links can avoid broken offer links and make smarter choices. Adding an offer is as simple as going to the product details page, clicking "Add Offer," and entering a destination URL.

For instance, maybe your product is offered by both Walmart® and Target®. If you have a relationship with the Walmart® and Target® affiliate programs, you can paste in links to their respective product pages, and we will use your API credentials to hit the appropriate affiliate network to build tracking links. (Alternatively, you can paste in any tracking link you already have available.) Now when the Organic product link appears on your page, our SDK will choose the best destination to use, filling in necessary details (like a tracking ID). For more on how this works, see the Affiliate Links and Affiliate SDK sections.

You can also create a more generic product, like "Cool Gadget." The links don't have to be related; you can choose how to group them!

Linking to a specific offer

If you want to link to a specific offer rather than to the product as a whole -- for example, maybe you are promoting just one merchant on a certain page -- you can do so by clicking on that offer in the product's offer list to copy an offer-specific Organic URL. Everything will work the same as usual, we just won't route the user to any other offers, even if the offer is broken.

I've added offers, but my product doesn't have an image. Is that ok?

The only thing required for Organic links to work is at least one offer. Other product data -- like the image or product description -- is used in widgets. See the Widgets section.